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Prenatal Yoga in the Summer of 2015


Hey friends!

As this is clearly not a blog that is regularly updated, I am assuming that you’ve wandered to this page either from one of my business cards or the facebook page for Bearing Witness Yoga and Doula Services. I hope to keep this page updated with ongoing regular class information, and do dream of doing that regular blog series at some point in the future. In the meantime, the facebook page is largely the best place to keep connected to current events and class updates.

My regular Prenatal Yoga class is currently being held at Abide Yoga in the Larchmere Neighborhood of Cleveland. I love Larchmere, and I especially love having the opportunity to teach in the community that I hold so dearly! Abide is an excellent, adorable studio with a small crew of passionate and skilled teachers. For more information on the studio, fees, and other classes available, please visit www.abideyogacleveland.com.

Prenatal Yoga at Abide

Thursdays from 5:30-6:45 pm

$15 drop-in, class passes available.


Teaching Times for Summertime


Greetings friends,

While I planned to start this blog off with as series of birth stories (as most things begin with birth), the summertime seems to have offered up its usual playful distractions. The stories are gestating, I promise.

In the meantime, come to yoga!

I am currently teaching every Thursday night, from 7:30-8:45 PM at the Atma Center in Cleveland Heights, OH. The class is a Foundation A level, which means that it is a beginner class in the Satyananda Yoga® style. Foundation A classes are suitable for all students, regardless of fitness level, health conditions, or age. Poses can be adapted to meet the needs of your body and will work on developing physical, mental, and energetic awareness. Satyanada Yoga is an integral form of yoga, a living and authentic tradition that approaches the needs of the body and the mind holistically. Also, it’s fun!

Please comment below with any feedback or questions and be sure to read the about me section to learn more about my own yogic process. I hope to see you in class!