Caitlin Alma Harwood, CYT, RYT-200, SYT Level 1

Yoga Instructor and Doula in Training

Caitlin took her first yoga class in 2002 at the Atma Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  Through the years and various roles in the Atma Center community, she has seen first-hand the ways that yoga can transform people. After witnessing this process in herself and those around her, she felt called to become an instructor and to help facilitate that transformation.

Guatemala graffiti & sunflower seedlings

Caitlin came to yoga in order to find some balance in her work as a peace and social justice activist. She has offered workshops on consensus decision making and nonviolence and worked for many years with groups such as SOAWatchFood Not Bombs, and Catholic Worker communities. In 2006, Caitlin spent a few months living in New Orleans helping to do post-Katrina recovery withCommon Ground Relief and other grassroots organizations. She most recently had the opportunity to spend January of 2011 in Guatemala, living with a host family and studying Spanish, learning about the social and cultural history of the country, and teaching a few yoga classes.

In addition to devoting much of the past few years working on Yogic Studies and Teacher Training through YANA, Caitlin is currently studying to be a birth doula. She attended the DONA International Birth Doula Workshop and has a passion for women’s health and healing. In October of 2012, Caitlin gave birth to her first child. Caitlin has found that teaching yoga blends beautifully with the role of the doula in supporting women and their partners through the childbirth process. In teaching Satyananda Yoga, she hopes to empower all of her students to take on their life journeys with their heads, hearts, and hands in better alignment.


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